“A Journey Beyond Ourselves” is more of an intimate, personal and insightful project emerging from the heart of our last 5 years as a band and as 6 lost struggling individuals trying to find their way back home than a simple recollection of moments and ephemerids about an album. It’s about how we managed to evolve through the chaotic, noisy and confusing nature of what our collective and distinctive voyage has been for us, for everyone of us. It could have been called several other names, could have been displayed in so many different ways, could have been exposed in so many lights and angles… But after such a long pilgrimage through the bafflement of our own soul disarray, we realized that what’s truly sacred and pure didn’t have anything to do with perfection or the right perspective of it all; it’s about the honesty with which we decided to expose, open up and invite you to share our defying and extraordinary journey beyond ourselves.

The very unique project is available in 4 formats. All are available in limited edition, numbered and signed.