And If I Was To Die...

Initially released on June 1st, 2007, “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You” has been the very first project to be produced by Your Favorite Enemies. An EP assembled with the only intention of positively answering their fans’ numerous requests for the band’s music, it is a project that would not only become the starting point of an incredible journey for the Montreal sextet, but that would also become the initial foundation of a very unique relationship between the band and their fans, relationships that were so singular that it brought the band to tour all over the world before even celebrating their 1st anniversary!

“The reaction of the people totally took us by surprise. I mean, to us, we were only a few outcasted punks, a bunch of guys trying to figure out the nature of what we were going through. We weren’t into fomenting some plan to take over the world. I think the naive nature of our honest openness to share with anyone who welcomed the sincere essence of our invitation to commune led to the establishment of incredibly meaningful relationships. It has never been a rock stars to fans type of connection. We weren’t believers in our own ability to write anything worth paying attention to, so we were pretty far from playing the rock star game. It has always been about family for us, about this connection between each and everyone of us inside the band and with everyone else who offered us the blessing to bond with them. From the humble nature of the EP to its very soulful, delicate but somehow lucid title, “And If I Was To Die In The Morning…” has always been a profound scream whispered without any faith that it could be echoed by anyone, including our own inner voices. So when we heard other people’s voices blooming over, not only answering ours, but adding a voice of their own, it was as if we had reached the end of what had seemed to be an everlasting night for us. We suddenly realized that everyone’s shimmering light could turn dusk into the most incredible light ever produced by a brand new dawn. That light not only changed our lives for ever, it also became the light at our feet and led us to places we had always forbidden ourselves to even dream of, as such dreams seemed ever so impossible. When you’ve been told all your life that dreams are pretty much unlikely, you simply forget what it feels like to dream. Such bright light showed us another way and proved our own miserable self-faithlessness completely wrong. Our eyes were now open and we were able to see the invisible. The release of “And If I Was Too Die In The Morning…” didn’t change our lives, it’s the people’s love that completely transformed us” says singer Alex Foster remembering what the band members’ reactions towards the EP reception was.

Therefore, as a way to salute the “Ceremony & Jubilation” yearlong project, which was commemorating Your Favorite Enemies’ 5th year anniversary, the band members wanted to rerelease the long time sold out first EP “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You”, not only as a way to pay tribute to the very beginning of their unique and incredible journey, but also as a way to honor the people who welcomed them as family and supported them as brothers and sisters.

“It was essential for us to mark such a defining moment by eulogizing the love of all the people who made YFE a meaningful friend, a true member of their family, a beloved confident, a dear soulmate and so much more than words can define. We couldn’t think about something more meaningful than rereleasing “And If I Was To Die In The Morning…”, because it has been so fundamental in the establishment of such significant relationships with our loved ones and so extraordinary capital for the journey of the whole YFE family. For some, it might be seen as the starting point of it all, but for us, it’s the vivid moment we share together on a daily basis. It’s a bright part of our personal and collective corner stone” added Your Favorite Enemies’ guitar player Jeff Beaulieu on the utter importance of the release of “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You” EP as part of the “Ceremony & Jubilation” celebration.

“This celebration reminded us that the most significant moments are often those lived completely free from any twined ambitions or structured plans. Sincere dreams still remain the most incredible way for anyone to go beyond the hopeless nature of their very own everlasting nights, as every morning that follows our death to our own measure of faithlessness, doubts and fears is a blooming miracle of life destined to color the darkness of secret desperation… of ourselves” concludes Foster on “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You”.