Love Is A Promise... Reissue

Initially released on June 17th, 2008, the album Love Is Promise Whispering Goodbye is not only an all-time fan favorite, but became a defining representation of the band’s unique journey and the corner stone of what is now known as the genuine and independent nature of Your Favorite Enemies.

Produced in the midst of both professional and personal tribulations, Love Is Promise Whispering Goodbye never had any type of official promotional support usually associated with the release of an album.

“We were literally fighting to stay alive, so no one in the band was actually concerned about the commercialization of what was a testimony of desperation, faith, sorrows and survival. We couldn’t care less about the potential success or the career suicide the album was; we wanted to share what we were going through with our people. For lack of better words, we found ourselves an album… Our people felt the honesty and the authenticity of the songs and turned Love Is Promise Whispering Goodbye into a significant soundtrack for their lives. They turned Love Is Promise Whispering Goodbye into an album that was really meaningful, into a personal and a collective moment. That was far from any commercial commodity the album might have been turn into if some career ambitions or money milking motivation would have been the driven force beneath it. That’s why the album has been so magnificent and pure. It never been the object of anything else but what it was about. Whatever you might want the album to be” recalls Alex Foster when asked to explain why Love Is Promise Whispering Goodbye became such a significant album for so many people, despite the lack of any type of usual hype created by a promotional campaign.

When asked about the reasons to produce a special Deluxe and Remastered version of Love Is Promise Whispering Goodbye, including 3 songs and 3 videos originally left out of the original release along with a special interactive website holding a series of 10 clips covering the whole story of the album, Foster explains:

“We were ready to look back, to look back without the fear of seeing the people we were at the time. Without the emotional turmoil associated with the troubled context we were living in at the time, we were excited by the idea of opening the door, even slightly, for our people to look and see. In a way, it’s the celebration of the re-appropriation of the moments we let slip away when they should have been ours to fully live and build upon. And not only in a very personal way, but in a major collective perspective. That’s why we wanted not only to release some random reissue, but wanted to actually go back alongside the people for whom the album has been meaningful. I believe that in the midst of this recollection, we’ll all realize how far we’ve come and how exciting the journey ahead is.”

This is the story of an album that wasn’t supposed to be released, this is the story of what became more than just another album, that paved the way to the extraordinary journey of Your Favorite Enemies… if “Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye”, it has never been so promising!