“A City Eroding Time” Tote Bag

“A City Eroding Time” Tote Bag

14.99 $

14.99 $

Printed at The Fabrik, Your Favorite Enemies’ own merch factory.

100% Cotton

– The tote bag “A City Eroding Time”

“Some say that dreams, with time, slowly fade and erode. But on May 8, 2011, as Your Favorite Enemies played the Shanghai MIDI Festival, we witnessed something brighter than light itself; a scream turned into a blooming community, a vision turned into a beating heart. This concert has been a testimony that dreams are not only reality, but also defy doubts and hopelessness… And just like a city’s spirit is defined by the love of its people, if you’re willing to open your heart and believe, you’ll discover the most inestimable wonders of all; because again, it’s the people that not only make dreams vividly true, but that capture time itself.” – Alex Foster

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