Daydream Vision T-Shirt – Women

Daydream Vision T-Shirt – Women

23.99 $

23.99 $


The “Daydream Vision” is a t-shirt with the exact design that was supposed to be produced for the original release date of the EP “And If I was To Die In The Morning…” on June 1st, 2007. The band members had to renounce the production of the t-shirt due to their lack of financial resources.

However, the band members promised themselves to have the t-shirt produced if the very limited initial quantity of EP they had printed would sell out. They kept reprinting the EP and decided to use the sale benefits to give away copies of the EP to communities where fans weren’t able to afford it, causing that promise to become a long forgotten one… until recently, when they had to go through their files to do another reprint of the EP in order to include it as part of the “Ceremony & Jubilation” project.*

*Remembering the moment where they had to abandon the idea of producing what used to be simply called the “And If I Was To Die” t-shirt, the band members thought about renaming the t-shirt “Fulfillment”, as it was the fulfillment of a long forgotten promise. Finally, they decided to name it “Daydream Vision” as this represents the true hopeful nature of what unfolded promises are truly about; a new beginning, and not some conclusive accomplishment of a wishful thought.


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S 14 1/2″ 26 1/2″
M 15 3/4″ 27″
L 16 1/4″ 27 1/2″
XL 18 3/4″ 28″


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