Eternal as Embraced Tote Bag

Eternal as Embraced Tote Bag

14.99 $

14.99 $

Printed at The Fabrik, Your Favorite Enemies’ own merch factory.

100% Cotton

– “Eternal as Embraced” tote bag

The 2nd year of the SFCC has been a very significant one for the band members. Musing about the impermanent essence of a true moment and the true nature of an eternal legacy, they not only gave birth to the very introspective and poetic albums “Vague Souvenir” and “Sacred Kind of Whispers”, but also turned that soulful contemplation into a joyful celebration that would define the theme of the 2nd year of the SFCC, along with all the projects that would follow that year.

Alex’s quote on the SFCC tote bag perfectly embodies that profound state of reflection, and is also an invitation to make it yours, to become the communion. 

“As it’s not what’s left behind but what’s fully embraced that becomes a moment and therefore a legacy”…

Not aware of what the SFCC is? Read more about it here.

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