Ever Wilder Zebra – Dress

Ever Wilder Zebra – Dress

27.99 $

27.99 $

Printed at The Fabrik, Your Favorite Enemies’ own merch factory

100% Cotton

– The “Ever Wilder Zebra” Dress
– An exclusive set of buttons

The dress “Ever Wilder Zebra” is a new addition to Miss Isabel’s special collection, the “Daylight Summer Breeze”. Being the only girl of the band that consists of long hair and beards, Miss Isabel brings a very unique touch to the band, be it through her sounds or her personality. This collection, just like her, is her unique perspective on this journey Your Favorite Enemies are on; it is bold, rocking, yet soft; it is a statement in itself.

About the artwork:
The original “Free Golden Zebra” t-shirt is one of Sef’s all time favorite, a t-shirt he wore in the most significant moments of Your Favorite Enemies journey. More vibrant than just a cool fashion statement and more defining than some slogan display, Sef explains:

“I crafted the “Free Golden Zebra” t-shirt based on my personal implication towards the protection, the rescue, the reintegration and the education of child soldiers… it’s a reminder that even in the midst of the world’s darkest and desperate times, the weakest of all hopeful lights will overpower the raging lions of our own kingdom of apathy and indifference. This is a t-shirt exposing yourself to the true difference you can make”.


*Please note that the size of this item differs from the other ones on the YFE Store. We recommend choosing 1 size up from your usual woman t-shirt size, but please refer to the size chart to know what will be right for you!

XXS 25″ 31″ 22″
XS 27″ 32″ 24″
S 31″ 37″ 24″
M 34″ 41″ 24″
L 40″ 45″ 27″
XL 43″ 50″ 25″
XXL 44″ 53″ 27″


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