From Fire Sky To Heavenly Spirit (Earrings)

From Fire Sky To Heavenly Spirit (Earrings)

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50.00 $

The “From Fire Sky To Heavenly Spirit” ensemble has been defined by the uplifting essence of the indefinable colors contemplated in a fire filled with eternal flames alighting the darkest of all night with a cheerful halo of jubilation.

The crane produces a soft and discrete luminescence in the dark after being exposed to light.

Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted and unique.

– Italian Moretti Glass.
– Made of pure Italian Sterling Silver 0.925 (Hypoallergenic)
– Genuine Leather
– Earrings Length: 2.5 – 3 cm

Sizes Available:
X-Small: 37 cm
Small: 40 cm
Medium: 45 cm
Large: 50 cm
X-Large: 55 cm
XX-Large: 60 cm


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