“Most Live to Say Goodbye, Some Die to Feel Alive” Ultimate Package

“Most Live to Say Goodbye, Some Die to Feel Alive” Ultimate Package

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44.99 $

Printed at The Fabrik, Your Favorite Enemies’ own creative atelier

– The t-shirt “A City Made of Dreamers’ Lights”
– The poster “A Storm Made of Wonders”
– The tote bag “A Breeze of Radiance and Splendor”
– 2 exclusive sets of buttons

About the poster:
– First poster crafted by Your Favorite Enemies
– Limited collector edition
– Individually signed and numbered by Alex
– Hand-printed silkscreen poster using the halftone technique
– Prints on both sides
– Dimensions: 12” (width) x 17” (height)
– Part of Your Favorite Enemies’ NYC Pianos concert celebration

City of dreams, city of all wonders, city of no impossibility. Say goodbye to what keeps you binded so that you can die to your fears and all that holds you back in order to be alive once more, without any constraints. Make that leap of faith into the unknown, and allow yourself to be surprised by what lives inside of you. Dare to feel alive.

About the concert of March 1, 2016:
“And on that foggy and rainy night of March 1, 2016, walking on Broadway, drinking wine surrounded by loved ones’ laughter and amazement… That moment wasn’t New York City. It was resolutely greater than any of its dazzling lights and its vibrant skyline. It was family… As magnificently simple as it is. As inspiringly empowering as it is. Family… and its unique ability to allow its own to be, between a dream and its incarnation, whatever they are or might be.” – Alex


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XS 16.5″ 26″
S 18″ 28″
M 20″ 29″
L 22″ 30″
XL 24″ 31″
XXL 26 1/2″ 32″
XXXL 28 1/2″ 32″
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M 15 3/4″ 27″
L 16 1/4″ 27 1/2″
XL 18 3/4″ 28″


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