“Tearing the Veil” T-Shirt

“Tearing the Veil” T-Shirt

24.99 $

24.99 $

Printed at The Fabrik, Your Favorite Enemies’ own creative atelier.

100% Cotton

Exclusive design. Not included in the boxset “Windows in the Sky”.

– Ice Blue crew neck t-shirt “Tearing the Veil”

When interviewed about the meaning of him standing behind a curtain on the cover of his first solo album titled “Windows in the Sky”, Alex answered that this album, its creation process, its lyrics, and everything it involved, was the first step for him to tear down the veil that was in front of his eyes, the first step to truly living, and that no matter how obscured one’s vision can be, light will always find its way to you, one way or another.


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