The Ascension Package – Women

The Ascension Package – Women

23.99 $

23.99 $

Buy the new “Ascension” t-shirt
Get “A Ceremonial” special tote bag
And 3 exclusive buttons for free

Unveiled during the “This Is A Live” special concert held on November 16th in Montreal, the “Ascension” t-shirt is part of Your Favorite Enemies' 5th anniversary celebration project “Ceremony & Jubilation”. It is the embodiment of the soulful communion the band members share with their people through the heartfelt incarnation of their vivid live performances and defining fellowship moments… 
“The “Ascension” t-shirt is a perfect representation of the emotions we are sharing with our people; the invisible communing elements lifting everyone of us, the trustful love filling the doubtful gap of disbelief we may have between one another, different by essence but one by nature, arising through somebody else's offering of love and faith… communion being the invitation to the ascension”, says Alex Foster.
“A Ceremonial” is the symbol of all the memories we shared over the years and of all the moments we keep defining as a family, memories and moments that make us one. This is more than a commemorating statement, this is genuinely alive and truly evolving ” says Jeff Beaulieu about the tote bag “A Ceremonial” and the complete “Ascension” package.


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S 14 1/2″ 26 1/2″
M 15 3/4″ 27″
L 16 1/4″ 27 1/2″
XL 18 3/4″ 28″


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