The “Vague Souvenir” MP3-DIGITAL*

The “Vague Souvenir” MP3-DIGITAL*

7.99 $

7.99 $


“Vague Souvenir” is an album associated with Your Favorite Enemies’ special project “Ceremony And Jubilation”.

This unique and intimate journey consists of 14 transits, which includes 3 personal songs written over the course of the band’s first years, 4 french poetry songs, excerpts of Alex’s upcoming poetry book, 2 soulful cover songs performed by the band in the “Upper Room” studio and 5 interpretations of different artists’ songs that have been significant and defining to the band members.

1- Mightiest Of Guns
2- Firstborn
3- Turn The Dirt Over
4- À Ces Matins Sans Âme
5- First Day Of My life
6- If You’re Passing By
7- I See A Darkness
8- À La Fenêtre
9- City On Fire
10- Des Armes
11- L’Érosion du Temps
12- Sketching Dreams
13- Old Noisy Friend
14- Gravitation Des Coeurs

The “Vague Souvenir” MP3-Digital version will be sent to you via email. 

*Doesn’t include videos, but the CD does.
For more information about the CD, CLICK HERE!

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