“There Will Be Time” Boat Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

“There Will Be Time” Boat Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

49.99 $

49.99 $

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Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

100% Cotton

– Boat Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt “There Will Be Time”

Designed by Alex Henry Foster for the collection “Snowflakes in July”.

Features embroidery on the collar on the front, and a black sewn-on patch on the back.
Limited-edition only.

About “Snowflakes in July”:
“The dandelion is a reflection of all the impermanent souvenirs that shape us as individuals, the very same moments we would do anything to hold on to, even if we know we have to let them go in order to grow, to evolve and discover who we are beyond their limits. Every white parachute leaving the flower represents the little pieces of who we are and we must accept to free ourselves from in order for life to take a different form so that we’ll be transformed in the ever fluid motion of everyone’s existence… even when it looks as fragile and transient as a “Snowflake in July”.
– Alex


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