Tokyo Sessions Ultimate Deluxe Package – CD

Tokyo Sessions Ultimate Deluxe Package – CD

49.99 $

49.99 $

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100% Cotton

– The album “Tokyo Sessions” (CD & mp3 digital download)
– The t-shirt “Promises of Wonders to Come”
– The t-shirt “A Season in Bloom”
– The pocket square “Ascending New Dawn” designed (and signed) by Alex
– A digital booklet of 20 pages
– An exclusive set of buttons

“Tokyo Sessions” is considered the vivid and definitive incarnation of the album “Between Illness and Migration”, that has seen different faces up to now. Back in studio, the band members decided to complete the journey exactly as it’s been for them: vividly evolving, on their own terms, completely remote from anything else but the emotional let go they abandoned themselves to, as the people they became through it and by it.

About the album:
Following the journey of “Between Illness and Migration”, “Tokyo Sessions” is the vivid and definite incarnation of an album that has been an evolving journey of its own.

The album primarily consists of a complete new interpretation, incarnation and production of every song that constitutes the original version of “Between Illness and Migration” and includes the new songs “Satsuki Yami (My Heartbeat)”, “Underneath a Blooming Skylight”, “Anyone” and “Yūnagi”.   

Track Listing
1) Satsuki Yami (My Heartbeat)
2) Empire of Sorrows
3) A View From Within
4) Where Did We Lose Each Other
5) Underneath a Blooming Skylight
6) From the City to the Ocean
7) I Just Want You to Know
8) 1-2-3 (One Step Away)
9) Anyone
10) Obsession Is a Gun
11) Muets aux Temps des Amours
12) Yūnagi
13) A View From Within – Radio Single
14) I Just Want You to Know – Radio Single
15) Where Did We Lose Each Other – Radio Single
16) 1-2-3 (One Step Away) – Radio Single

*Both t-shirts in the ultimate deluxe package have to be the same style and size. For special requests, contact


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