True Color Shades – Tank Top Package

True Color Shades – Tank Top Package

47.99 $

47.99 $

Printed at The Fabrik, Your Favorite Enemies’ own merch factory

100% Cotton

– The “Pink is Punk” Tank Top
– The “Ever Wilder Zebra” Tank Top
– An exclusive set of buttons

The tank tops “Ever Wilder Zebra” and “Pink is Punk” are new additions to Miss Isabel’s special collection, the “Daylight Summer Breeze”. Being the only girl of the band that consists of long hair and beards, Miss Isabel brings a very unique touch to the band, be it through her sounds or her personality. This collection, just like her, is her unique perspective on this journey Your Favorite Enemies are on; it is bold, rocking, yet soft; it is a statement in itself.

About the artwork:
Longtime portrayed as an homage to the character Mr.Pink featured in Sef’s favorite Tarantino movie, “Reservoir Dogs”, “Don’t Mess With Mr. Pink” is in fact a public stand against any form of prejudice, violence and abuse towards women and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people.

The “Free Golden Zebra” t-shirt is one of Sef’s all time favorite, a t-shirt he wore in the most significant moments of Your Favorite Enemies journey. This t-shirt is more vibrant than just a cool fashion statement and more defining than some slogan display.   

Fabric: American Apparel


Small 18″ 29″
Medium 20″ 30″
Large 22″ 31″


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