To mark the 15th anniversary of their very first rehearsal as what would become the original – and still unchanged – lineup of Your Favorite Enemies in the fall of 2005, the band decided to look back at what eventually brought them all over the world by remixing and remastering their first 2 EPs and adding newly discovered demos, writing sessions, and alternative versions of what has become YFE-fan-favorites.

They also decided to share never-released material such as live songs recorded during their very first European tour in 2007, the full content of their first Tokyo concert in 2008, along with a time leap on some of their “classic songs”, exposing just how much the band’s sound and style has grown over the years.

Some people say such a project is mainly for hardcore fans, but dwelling in Your Favorite Enemies’ “Early Days” offers the unique opportunity to make a 15-year journey within an ever-evolving group of creative misfits walking to the rhythm of their own beat and living according to the only values by which they ever stood up; faith, family, and friendship.

The Early Days

Deluxe Collector Bookset

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The Early Days

Deluxe Collector Boxset

114.99 $

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