“Light Shining Over Ground” t-shirt

The t-shirt “Light Shining Over Ground” features the picture that appears in the centerfold page of the booklet of the Canadian version of the album “Between Illness And Migration”. This picture, taken in Barcelona, where the cover picture of the album has also been taken, is, just like the album, a shining light through desperation. Even though our surrounding may be dark, there is always a light for us to see. And sometimes, this light, as little as it can be, shines at our feet just above the ground, just a little below what our eyes can see, slightly above the line of our own horizon. Wherever this light is, and whatever it is made of, it is up to us to find it, make it ours, and allow it to guide us to roads untraveled, on a journey that will bring us to the end of our night, to discover not only what the journey itself is made of, but what we all are made of.